The Future of your company begins with ACS:

About Us

ACS is a mid-north coast based company run by TECH experts – ensuring that your business tech and computer support needs are understood. ACS is expanding rapidly on a local level, with a long term goal to provide support for the Australian East Coast and beyond.
ACS experience spans over a decade across the IT industry.
We at ACS are here to ensure that your business has the technology specialists and resources it needs to endure through the ever changing world of internet and technology advancements.
The blurring of what is and isn’t a computer; smart phones, tablets, cloud services, and the traditional computer, can be difficult for business owners to keep up to date with the latest tech solutions for their companies.
At ACS, We view our client's needs comprehensively – helping them with their specific goals and tailoring systems that will be reliable for the long-term.


Managed Security Consultation

Intrusion and protection from Virus and Malware, we are here to keep your data safe. Bring our team in to evaluate your computing environment.

Our Approach

After 10 years in the IT industry, we decided to alter direction. We have seen the gaps. ACS has partnered with best in the business to deliver excellent service and reliability. We aim to provide your business with the tools needed to help you succeed and keep a competitve edge. Ask us about:

• Java-based frameworks

• Open-source technologies

• Cloud-based development

• End-to-end integration

• Networks and systems security

• Database and warehouse technology

State of the art services

ACS has partnered with the leaders in the field to bring you the latest advances in all                      things technical.

Free consultation

Education is the key, there is often a more efficient cost effective way to do things,                      ACS will discuss your current and future                      needs.