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Almost always when we talk to companies, the main reasons they choose to move to the cloud is to gain agility and speed that they can progress with. With cloud computing, you are able to spin up thousands of servers in minutes as opposed to the 10 to 18 weeks it typically takes to spin up servers being used on-premises. The AWS Cloud provides more than 90 services - everything from compute, storage, and databases to continuous integration, data analytics, and artificial intelligence - at your fingertips. This means you can go from idea to implementation in seconds rather than months.
There are a number of reasons why customers are migrating to the cloud. Some are migrating to the cloud to increase the productivity of their workforce. We also see a lot of companies with a data center consolidation or rationalisation projects migrating to the cloud, especially those that are preparing for an acquisition, divestiture, or have otherwise experienced infrastructure sprawl over the years. Additionally, there are companies that are looking to completely re-imagine their business using modern technology as part of a larger digital transformation program. And of course, organizations are always looking for ways to improve the bottom line by reducing their costs.

This is where AWS comes in

A customer’s journey to the cloud typically involves these four phases:

PROJECT In the project phase, you are running projects to get familiar and experience benefits from the cloud.

FOUNDATION After experiencing the benefits of cloud, you then build the foundation to scale your cloud adoption. This includes creating a landing zone (a pre-configured, secure, multi-account AWS environment), Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), operations model, as well as assuring security and compliance readiness.

MIGRATION In this stage, you migrate existing applications including mission-critical applications or entire data centers to the cloud as you scale your adoption across a growing portion of your IT portfolio.

REINVENTION Now that your operations are in the cloud, you can focus on reinvention by taking advantage of the flexibility and capabilities of AWS to transform your business by speeding time to market and increasing the attention on innovation.

Why you should migrate to the cloud

DATA PROTECTION - Data loss due to power failure, virus, or natural disaster is costly and can affect business productivity and continuity. Moving your data into the cloud will spare you the headache of recovering everything from scratch because the cloud can store backup copies of your data in a secure location so you can access it from the cloud.

COMPLETE DOCUMENT CONTROL - Cloud stores your document via a centralized data center. You don’t have to go through a series of tedious processes just to share your document with the rest of your team. Anyone who has access to a document can edit or view the file depending on the type of access you have permitted. Circulating the same file allows better collaboration across workers, partners, customers, and companies.

DATA SECURITY - Saving and storing your sensitive data on your machine or laptop are not good practices to follow. If someone gains access to your device, you could lose your important files at the drop of a hat. When you store your data in the cloud, you’ll be able to access your document from any device and reduce the risk of exposing your data to cybercriminals.

SCALABILITY - Another reason why it’s a good idea to implement a cloud strategy migration is its scalability. You can scale up or scale down your storage based on your business needs. If your business belongs in a fluctuating market, cloud enables you to add or reduce the space on your cloud environment.

Why Choose ACS

Switching from a traditional to a cloud-based environment isn’t easy. This is why some businesses prefer to engage the services of cloud consultants. It enables them to identify areas for improvement within the business and the skills and training required for everyone in the company to successfully implement cloud technology.
ACS will simplify the process, giving you more time to focus on the things that matter, your business.

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ACS has partnered with the leaders in the field to bring you the latest advances in all                      things technical.

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